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No budge in 30-year fixed interest rates this Wednesday, according to quotes provided by US Bank Corp (NyE: USB). The interest rates quoted today by the popular American mortgage provider did not change from those in yesterday’s mortgage charts. While with some other loan providers, money could sift away from your pocket, US Bank Corp has pleasant surprises in stock for those who choose their packages. Today’s offer is indeed one of the most convenient. Home loan seekers who meet the qualification requirements can get fixed and adjustable home loan offers at the same interests rates.

The US Bank Corp quoted the same rates for the long-term loan section as yesterday. Today’s standard 30-year fixed rate mortgage loans have a 4.500% interest rate, and they carry an annual percentage rate of 4.673%. For the short-term home loan options, the 15-year fixed rate mortgage has a listed lending price of 3.500%, being backed by an annual percentage yield of 3.811%. The bank’s portfolio now includes the shortest 10-year FRM home loan plans too. Today these mortgages have a lending rate of 3.375% and an APR yield of 3.823%.

For pricier home purchases, US Bank Corp has several jumbo variants of the 30-year fixed rate loans. Figures show a very advantageous offer with a 4.625% interest rate and an APR yield of 4.777%. The terms are even more attractive for the 15-year variant of the jumbo fixed rate mortgage home package. The current offer is 3.750% interest rate and has an APR yield of 4.008%.

For home loan prospects that have difficulties qualifying for standard mortgages because of bad credit, US Bank Corp offers FHA-approved 30-year fixed rate mortgage packages. These also work excellent for potential home buyers who do not have enough funds for a large down payment on standard loans. The traded interest rate is 4.375% with an APR yield of 4.879%. The short-term (15-year) variant of FHA-fixed rate mortgages has a annual return rate of 4.565%, and an interest rate of 4.000%.

The bank also provides adjustable-rate mortgage packages. For loans with a 3-year adjustable rate, the starting interest rate is 2.250% and the APR yield 3.261%. The flexible lending division also includes adjustable-rate home loans with a 2.625% interest rate in the lock-in period (5 years), and an APR yield of 3.250% to begin with.

Disclaimer: All the advertised rates were provided by the individual lender on the specified date. Variations of rate/APR terms and conditions offered by lenders/brokers may have variations from the listed ones depending on the borrower’s creditworthiness and other differences between a specific loan and the loan criteria used for the quotes.

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