Mortgage Rates Get Better in June

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Mortgage rates have improved a lot since the year 2015 began. Improvement in June is regarded as the most notable yet. The change is just slightly bigger than those of the other months; however, lenders have become more confident in giving advantageous quotes. Some could even offer 30-year fixed rates of 4.0%, though 4.125% is more common.
If the rates continue to go down, there might be floating or locking in gains. In spite of these possibilities, mortgage rates in June are more flexible than those of May. It is still uncertain whether or not this month’s improvement is better compared to that of the previous month. The risk remains together with the possibility of lower rates. This is due to the uptrend that is being witnessed this year. Changes in the upcoming week could affect the present outlook, though.
Europe and its introduction of quantitative easing are deemed as the major catalyst to the improvement of mortgage rates in 2015. This year’s rates have been the lowest since May of 2013.
It hasn’t been decided if global economy is changing considerably. That is why 2015 is more unstable for markets than the previous year. It further entails that lender rates may change every 24 hours; they could even change in just a few hours.
The bottom line is that the record-breaking mortgage rates decrease in April is caused by European Quantitative Easing. Rumors that the Federal Reserve will raise rates before 2015 ends are circulating. It adds to the risk that mortgage rates are observing; that is the possibility of turning a long-term corner.

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